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Social Media
Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammographie



Encouraging social media campaign for the breast cancer month of October 2016, with emotional and informative content on all aspects of mammography screening.

The Key Facts

  • The Informingo and the corresponding Informingo ribbon emotionally inspired the campaign as an attention-grabbing symbol and visual design framework and served as a symbol of solidarity and a call for information.
  • Facebook was the central communication channel – but was enhanced with additional online channels and offline activities.
  • An important success factor besides the strong activation of the Facebook community was the involvement and enthusiasm of the screening units as well as participating gynaecologists for Informingo.

customer voice

We were enthusiastic about Informingo right from the start and had a lot of confidence in the campaign. But we didn’t expect a reach of over 350,000 per month and up to 1,200 interactions per post. The campaign was a complete success!