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Fat under attack – nanoparticles tackle obesity

According to the World Health Organization, around 40% of all adults are overweight, and around a third of those are obese. Alarmingly, overweight/ obesity is the fifth leading cause of death and considerably increases the risk of getting other diseases, such as diabetes. Unfortunately, curing obesity is not that simple. Since it is a multifactorial disease, lifestyle interventions including exercise and diet are not always sufficient to achieve weight loss. Hence, there is a high interest in the development of safe anti-obesity drugs. In 2009, brown adipose tissue emerged as attractive drug target and the application of targeted nanoparticles could be a novel solution to deliver drugs selectively into adipose tissue in order to avoid side effects. more

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Creativity & Innovation

It is likely that most communications agencies claim to be creative and innovative. However, not many agencies really live and breathe these two words every day, constantly challenging themselves and their clients to achieve new things. The Cologne-based digital and communications experts at antwerpes do just this – and have done so for 26 years. The mission of the antwerpes team: to develop new and surprising concepts for the client and implement these ideas as high quality communications solutions. more

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Bacteriophages – our knights in shining armour?

Since the discovery of penicillin in the early 20th century the image of bacterial infections has changed dramatically. Numerous diseases that have been a death warrant before do no longer pose a thread to modern medicine. But, soon after Fleming’s famous discovery a resistant strain of Staphylococcus was found that urged the need for new antibiotics. And thus, up to date, a plethora of different antibiotics have been developed. However, 100 years after the discovery of penicillin, the world is now facing another bacterial threat, this time caused by the cure itself. In their global report on surveillance, the WHO alerts that without urgent action we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries can once again kill. This crisis is not only attributed to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, but also to the lack of new innovative drugs. more

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Social Media Campaigns: Having the Courage to go Multi-channel

How people access and consume information online continues to evolve. To achieve your communication goals, simple static websites will probably no longer suffice. People online cross multiple channels and companies must do the same; but in a conservative and highly regulated industry, before a multi-channel campaign, courage is required. more

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antwerpes presents its own social media lab

antwerpes has established its own lab specialising in social media. In addition to its ongoing projects, the lab concentrates on exploring new approaches with customers and field testing them. Entirely in tune with the agency’s philosophy, no limits should be set on innovation and creativity: patient networks, messaging services, live video and even dating apps are considered to identify new possibilities of approaching healthcare topics. more

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Data-driven Social Media Marketing

At least half of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies are now actively engaged with social media, and many are seeing the benefit of being involved across multiple social media channels. While uncertainties around regulatory issues are still a factor for many companies, it feels in recent years that there has been a growing acceptance that pharmaceutical companies do have a positive role to play in the social media conversation. more

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