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Modern PR is diverse and polygamous

Social media and content marketing have certainly shaken up healthcare PR in recent times. There may be nothing new about communications tools like target group analysis, direct dialogue and relevant content – but… more

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Artificial intelligence: a symbol of digital transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what will really bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to life. It is already all around us, packed inside many of the devices we use at work or in the home, from Apple’s Siri to Netflix. So how can AI and machine learning be applied to wearables and the Internet of Things? Let’s walk through a few examples. more

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Content marketing in PR: Do you know your reader?

PR today is diverse, direct and interactive – just like the channels and audiences it supports and informs. In fact, in recent years, digital PR has become increasingly more important than traditional media relations, and disciplines like content marketing and social media have long since become firmly embedded in the routine work of PR departments. more

Agenturnetzwer comvort und antwerpes

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antwerpes joins Comvort Group

With the outset of 2017 we took a further step in expanding our international activities and joined the Comvort Group – an international network of independent, entrepreneurial agencies. Besides global networking with over 90 partner agencies, through this partnership we aim to achieve expansion of our international business. more

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Marketing Automation: a substitute for classic CRM?

Marketing automation – software that automatically carries out repetitive marketing tasks such as promotional emails, social media posts, website updates, etc. – is often considered as a subset of customer relationship management (CRM). But it is perhaps more than that: marketing automation may have the potential to actually replace CRM in its conventional form. more

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Digital Transformation in Marketing: CRM is blazing a trail

We emphasised the Internet of Things (IoT) as a driving force of digital transformation in marketing in the previous article of our digital transformation (DT) series. But while IoT projects are undoubtedly important, digital customer relationship management (CRM) may have even more strategic relevance. Customer relationships are increasingly managed digitally as of course are the data streams that result from a functioning CRM program. more

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