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DermaDuell: quiz app for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

The DermaDuell app by Pierre Fabre transfers the principle of the popular German Quizduell game to the world of dermatology. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can play the game, challenge their colleagues, and learn something at the same time, with the mobile application developed by antwerpes.

DermaDuell is a new quiz app which pits pharmacy staff against their colleagues to test their knowledge of dermatology. It is a platform-independent app for iOS and Android devices that can be operated by registered users of the website both on their desktop as well as on their smartphone.

For Astrid Jacob, Head of Training & Consultancy at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Kosmetik, DermaDuell is the logical follow-up to the existing Dermingo e-learning platform. She explains: “DermaDuell is not only a lot of fun to play, but also provides an innovative e-learning format, with which pharmacy professionals can refresh and extend their knowledge of dermatology.”

Take on your colleagues!

The quiz is divided into several rounds of questions with topic categories drawn from the fields of dermatology, product knowledge and advising customers in the pharmacy.

The user can play against professional colleagues across Germany – and against the clock. Only twenty seconds are given to answer three questions. It calls for quick decisions and accurate answers. Opponents are either selected by the user via a search function (so you can challenge specific colleagues if you wish) or by the app at random, and can be saved permanently as favourites in the game history.

Premium points are collected for winning a DermaDuell, which can later be awarded on

Dermingo – interactive e-learning and training

DermaDuell is the newest addition to, the training platform that offers interactive e-learning and training to registered professional users.

The interconnectivity between the website (where you can also play the game) and the app is part of a multichannel strategy. A central database means the quiz and the premium points feature can be used across a variety of channels – for example on the iPad during a sales discussion in the pharmacy.

In addition, players have the possibility to submit their own questions, send feedback about the app and thus help DermaDuell develop. The Dermingo monthly newsletter further highlights topical DermaDuell questions.

Check out other content available on Dermingo

Besides DermaDuell there are other e-learning games and tools on ‘Who wants to be a sellionaire?’ is designed in the style of the popular TV show and includes questions about dermatological indications from the pharmacy practice and the Pierre Fabre product range. It also includes quiz features such as “joker” questions and short time frames in which to answer.

Another highlight is the ‘sales angels’, an interactive feature simulating sales situations in the pharmacy. The user must make key decisions based on the discussion with the customer, and provide the right advice.

For Astrid Jacob, the fun interactive element is crucial to the success of the portal: “The playful handling of dermatology topics generates a great deal of loyalty and willingness to participate, among our pharmacy customers.”

Thilo Kölzer

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Sales Angels

Veröffentlicht: 31. July 2015 // antwerpes