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If you have greater ambitions than advertising yogurt, this might (!) be your place. Cause at antwerpes you do healthcare communication, which means: you save the world. Educational formats for physicians or awareness campaigns on rare diseases require a lot of brain power: You don’t only have to meet patients eye-to-eye, but also physicians – without losing sight of the fun factor for the sake of science. So be ready: The challenges neverend…

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Account Management

With heart and mind

As our Account Manager you need way more than a quick grasp of medical topics: You have to be a mediator between rather pragmatic medical professionals and customers, who mainly insist on emotionality. With our teams Medical Content, Creation and IT you’ll develop application strategies for innovative medical brands or products. Manage our healthcare heroes in your area of choice: Web & Mobile, Innovation & Activation, Social Media or Campaigning!



Injections as ego-shooter

To us, good developer skills are only half of the deal – the other half consists of a strong gamification mindset: Are you able to bring fun to applications for medical professionals and patients? Welcome on board: Develop spectacular VR, AR or web applications as well as mobile apps and shoot our users into another dimension! Let it all out loud – whatever your passion is: We offer you Mobile, Web, IoT, Data Science or Extended Reality as playground.



Visionaries of a better world

With us your work as a creative truly matters, since it can determine whether people get the help they need. As a designer, you translate abstract medical content into images, and let innovative therapeutic approaches shine – within the areas UX, UI & Interaction, Campaign or Motion! As copywriter & concept developer, you transform dull, medical facts into touching stories and create appealing websites for physicians such as non-experts: Speak up for patients and their needs!


Medical Content

Clever? Correct!

This unit is composed of two teams: Medical Advising and Engaging Content. You fit in here, in case you’ve either got an unerring eye for scientific correctness and contentual relevance to provide our creation with understandable input and reliable references. Or you are a cunning content strategist and unmatched in editorial planning. In both cases, you lay the foundation for medical content healthcare professionals are waiting for.

Account Management

Account Management





Medical Content

Medical Content

Left to come back.

People come to us to stay. And if they leave, it’s not for long. Why? Because, after antwerpes, they are too strong and other jobs are too weak. Because those who succeed with us are no longer satisfied with anything less. Find out what makes working at our agency so captivating and unique from some of our returnees.

We do advertisement with a purpose – what about you?

Not everyone understands medicine without studying it. But maybe you can. Now it’s up to you: do you want to take responsibility or advertise instant soup? Make something of your life and apply in our company!

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