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Exploring a new goldmine

As many big companies claim to become a “data company“ or a “platform“, it’s worth to dive deeper into the “data issue“. Take a look at Novartis, a Top10 global pharmaceutical company, that regularly causes a stir by stating that it takes and will take many efforts to become a “medicines and data science“ company. Well, data is not new to pharma. Countless studies for thousands of diseases were conducted in the past decades, so data mining is quite familiar for such kind of companies. New is the fact that they put it in the headline. mehr

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AI, AI, Captain?

The topic of artificial intelligence (A.I.) has held our fascination in popular culture for decades. From Isaac Asimov’s seminal I, Robot in the 1950s to Spielberg’s movie A.l. and current TV hit Westworld, the concept of a machine, a software program, or a bot thinking and acting like a human being has intrigued us. But while A.I. in fiction is usually portrayed as something of a threat to mankind, the reality of its use today is something that is extremely beneficial. It is incredible to think of new insights being made through A.l. analysing millions of pieces of data, finding patterns and creating automated procedures and processes. We paid a visit to the recent A.I. Expo in Amsterdam, Europe’s leading business conference in matters of A.I. to gain insights into latest thinking on the topic. mehr

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Social media – balancing bots and empathy

Social media platforms allow healthcare companies to enter into direct dialogue with their target audiences, to identify their needs and to provide effective services. However, for many healthcare companies there are challenges to overcome. How can I engage on social media in an authentic way? How can I engage my target audience and maintain an ongoing dialogue? mehr

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Virtual reality: fresh ideas for healthcare communications

Do you remember Second Life? The online 3D infrastructure launched in 2003 that allows you to move around a virtual world with avatars that represent actual people and make purchases there? I like to compare virtual reality (VR) with Second Life – but to point out the differences rather than the similarities. mehr

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Modern PR is diverse and polygamous

Social media and content marketing have certainly shaken up healthcare PR in recent times. There may be nothing new about communications tools like target group analysis, direct dialogue and relevant content – but… mehr

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Artificial intelligence: a symbol of digital transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what will really bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to life. It is already all around us, packed inside many of the devices we use at work or in the home, from Apple’s Siri to Netflix. So how can AI and machine learning be applied to wearables and the Internet of Things? Let’s walk through a few examples. mehr

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